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Travel thought 001

I just came back from Arequipa and I had an unusual and pleasant feeling…

The experiences you lived while traveling are unique, even though it was not your first time in a city or place. In my case, I like backpacking. I also tried traveling with a travel agency and schedules but it wasn’t for me because it believe that backpacking gives you the freedom to be able to do whatever you want. Some people are not comfortable, at the beginning, with this level of freedom, maybe, due to the number of unknown variables such as where to sleep, eat or what to do.

ヽ(`Д´)ノ (д´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ

While traveling you have to adapt to different situations in regular basis; thus, you will become more independent and confident, and, ultimately, you will find yourself. Maybe this unusual and pleasant feeling is that. Maybe I learned more about myself and developed new skills. But I am sure that I had a lot of fun.

 	ヽ( ・∀・)ノ     wooo hooo! 

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