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I have been in Germany many times, but this is my first time for living. It’s almost one months since I came here and I have been learning German since then. I notice a couple of things during this time:

  • Stereotypes: it is impossible to do not have a bias, but at the same time one should be willing to open their mind. “Germans are cold and direct”… well, actually they are pragmatic and helpful.
  • Give them your heart and they will give you theirs: Germans are willing to help you to improve your German. My first days I could barely say a couple a things and have zero listening comprehension, but still they helped me to improve the little things I knew and they taught me more. I notice the same behaviors when I traveled to other countries.
  • Language interesting facts: German language is very specific, it has so much details. I have mixed feelings. In one hand, I like the idea of analyze the relation between the grammar and how Germans think, and in the other hand, there are many words that look and sound the same.
                |                            |
                |  Die einzige Möglichkeit,  |
                |  Deutsche zu lernen,       |
                |  ist Deutsche zu sprechen! |
              __|  __________________________|  
@(。・o・)@   ____|

So I think I will keep doing my best to learn more about German culture and its language.

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