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money- comic

On the evening of September 18th, I came back from Turkey. When I was in Germany waiting for my train on the platform to finally go home. I received a notification that I was charged 60 euros for 3 minutes of Whatsapp I used in Turkey.

I know, I know… My roaming plan is not the best.

I only had 300 euros until the end of the month in my everyday account.

My rent back then was 210. Not a big deal, right?…Well, not exactly.

I also had to pay for 10 euros (cellphone plan). That means I only had 20 euros to survive 12 days, plus 4 euros and something in cash that I had in my pocket at that moment.

                |                       |
                |  What I'm gonna do... |
(((φ(◎ロ◎;)φ))) _____|

I didn’t want to change my food habits only to survive 12 days with 20 euros. And I didn’t want to borrow money either.

I was scared and anxious… I felt LOST.

A few meters away from where I was, there was a man in his mid-forties asking for money. He needed it for his train ticket. Since he looked like a homeless man some people didn’t give him money.

Then I lost sight of him. I was focused on complaining about my situation.

Suddenly, from nowhere, the man told me something. I didn’t look at him, not even heard what he said…“No”, I just said.

“I won’t give him anything, not even a cent… I NEED this money”, I thought.

Soon after that thought went through my mind, few more came across…

wait… I shouldn’t stress about money… This is WRONG.

So, I did something.

I run towards the man and told me “I’ll help you”. I gave him all my money without hesitation. Smiling, I said “Goodbye, have a nice day” and walked away.

In my heart, I knew I had to do it. Not because it was the right thing, but for me… To help me.

I took my train 4 minutes after that. And for the whole journey back home I was relaxed. No more anxiety. No more fear. No more stress.

In the end, money comes and goes. You’ll get stolen. Emergencies will show up. There will be a recession… You are going to lose money no matter what. It’s a fact… And it doesn’t depend on you at all.

But you can, on the flip side, make always more money. And …

It depends 100% on you.

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