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Social assumptions

It’s funny when people assume statements such as:

  • Just because you are not crying or showing some emotion it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. (context: funerals, break ups)
  • You should respect elders just because they are elders.
  • A child has to love his/her parents just because they are his/her parents.
  • If two people got married it means that they care each other.
  • If you didn’t do anything bad, you shouldn’t be afraid or nervous. (context: police/ law problems)

I am pretty sure that most of the people are aware that the above statements make no sense at all, but they are still either believing or following them. Some reasons come to my mind: the reality is just to hard for them, or they don’t care at all because it is part of the social conventions.

These social assumptions are doing more bad than good, since people are feeling bad, unhappy, frustated or confused because they think it is the standard and they should fit in them. Otherwise they are doing something wrong. From my point of view, people should learn to manage their emotions and they shouldn’t feel bad if something that they expected to be in some way, it didn’t turn out the way they would have wanted. People should understand that there is always a probability that some kind of things might happen, but these things shouldn’t stop them from doing and enjoying their life.

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