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I just discovered the fire

Today I was working on a project with a friend. We’re launching soon a podcast, so we met today to work on the “episode list” page.

He’s a professional web developer. But he doesn’t have too much free time. He shares his time with his job, hobbies, family, and kids. That’s why I’m doing the website.

After all, I made this blog, so I had some experience… I think.

At the beginning of our small hackathon, I showed him the current code and he just laughed. The code was chaos. I didn’t respect any rules of software design.

I showed him the current code and he just laughed.

I just wanted to make it work… Somehow.

He gave me some tips and we kept developing the site. My role was mainly supportive. After 4 hours we got stuck. He was trying to make our code work. while I was playing around with the code, trying to apply what he showed me and seeing if it worked.

    |                               |
    |  “I don't know                | 
    |       what I did...but        |
    |                   It worked”  | 
    (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧ 

After 30 min of hard-working, I made it worked.

He asked me how I did it. “I tried to apply the tips you gave me before and it worked”, I replied.

I still remember the feeling when he showed me the basics and my mind just started to play with all the things I could do. It was as I was discovered the fire.

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