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Freedom and choice

The other I was talking with my girlfriend about freedom. I said that I didn’t like taking lessons in general, that I liked my freedom to choose what I wanted to learn, the pace, and the how. Also, I am against some society “standards” such as using suit for jobs interviews or wearing tattoos in your head or neck are not well accepted in “serious” jobs. Moreover, I hate Apple products (macs, iPhones, iPads, and all their stuff), since in my experience they cannot let me choose what to install or do. For example, I couldn’t change the ringtone of an iPhone.

             |                    |
             |  I wish I could... |
           __|  __________________|  
(╬ Ò ‸ Ó) _____|

Thus, there are two main points that I would like to address in the future:

  • The paradox of choice: What happens if you had infinity options, so basically you can choose whatever you want. Will be you happy? Will be you overwhelmed? Could less number of choices would be better for our sanity?

  • Feeling of freedom: You may feel like you have a lot of freedom, but your freedom have boundaries such as laws or morality or number of possible choices.

It is something to think about…

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