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Fear of Words

People should be able to say what they want but… as long as they don’t the intention of harming.

As a rule of thumb, we shouldn’t use violence at all.

I talk about the price of violence in another post.

Words are a powerful tool… But words can also “hurt”.

But it depends a lot on the receiver person. Whereas physical violence is tangible. Words damage is subjective.

                  |                              |
                  |  "How I met your mother"     | 
                  |            is better than    |
                  |       "Friends"              |
˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘  _____|

For example, when a kid says “You, idiot!” to you. You ignore him.. but when a stranger in the supermall says “You, idiot!”. You may beat him up.

Same words, different outcomes.

Some people say that…

It’s doesn’t matter what you say, you will for sure offense somebody.

That’s why it would help to focus on developing emotional stable people.

In the end…

Our goal is not to offend is to learn how to understand others and control our emotions.

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