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The other day I was talking with my girlfriend about how to perform some movements properly, so it came up to my mind the importance of the details. For example, even though it seems that a person A is doing the same as person B the outcomes are different.

                 |                    |
                 |  There should be   |
                 |  something else... |
            _____|  __________________|
(」°ロ°)」  _______|

The difference in the outcomes are due to the details. The first example that comes to my mind is the pull ups. When performing a pull-up it’s recommendable to grab the bar as hard as you can and also try “to bend” it, by doing that you will increase the muscle activation, however this grabbing-bending thing is hard to understand and, therefore, hard to perform. At first glance, there is no difference between a “common” pull-up and the technique I just described; however, it has a huge impact.

Things like that are found everywhere in several domains of knowledge. Thus, I believe that the main difference between someone who is really good and someone who is outstanding is in the details.

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