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Yesterday I was waiting for a friend to do some parkour in a spot that we have been training for the last 6 years. I had been there hundreds of time and, of course, the place changed over time. However, a few times I actually observed the place, and yesterday was one of these days.


I was in front of a small tree contemplating its structure, size and details. After a few seconds I was asking myself “how many people have the chance or give themselves the opportunity to stop for a moment and observed the world around them?”. I was astonished and overwhelmed by the perfection of its structure and how it connected with its environment smoothly as if everything were meant to be in that way. Our world is beautiful, and the nature is so smart that we must learn from it, instead of destroying everything as if we weren’t part of it.

So I encourage you to stop just for a moment and enjoy the small things that are happening right now around you. You may learn something or broaden your perspective.

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