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Suicide - Book a return ticket


This post has NO intention of encouraging suicide.

If you are feeling suicidal please visit this site

You can also contact the following hotlines. There are hotlines for many countries.

The post starts here…

suicide - comic

I think every person has thought at least one time about committing suicide. Reasons and opinions differ from person to person.

But I want to share my case…

As a kid and teenager, I had suicidal thoughts. I never really tried to commit suicide. But the thoughts were there.

Back then, I looked at suicide as a way to stop my emotional pain. And I wanted to commit suicide at that moment… When I was feeling pain.



I still want to commit suicide. But not because I’m suffering. I enjoy my life.

I smile every day. I love myself. I’m healthy. I’m always learning. My heart is in peace.


Why do I want to commit suicide then?

The short answer is…Freedom.

I want to have the freedom to choose for how long I want to live. I want to choose my upper limit. That’s all…nothing deeper than that.

          |                          |
          |  55 seems a good number! |
(ノ^∇^)  _____|

But, what if I die before my due date?

I don’t care. I’m okay with that. I know I cannot control everything.

For me, the quality of my life is much more important than its duration.

If you want to read more about how I see life. Check this post.

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