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I am currently learning German and living in Germany. I live in a great location for German learning since nobody speaks English… Anyway, yesterday when I was coming back from a little trip, I realized how to easy is to fuck up your mind with languages. I was with my cousin, and we were speaking Spanish but there were also English speakers and German speakers. So I noticed the following things:

  • It is so easy to switch between languages and you don’t even notice. You can reply someone in language A even though you know that the other person doesn’t speak that language. On the other hand, even though you speaks a language B, if you are expecting to hear a language A, you don’t understand language B.

  • It so funny how brain works in terms of pattern recognition. If you are listening a language A that you don’t speak at all or you have never been exposed to, and then suddenly someone says a few words in another language you speak, you will catch it very easy. It seems as your brain were expecting a familiar language.

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