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Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can affect several parts of your life. In my case, it used to be hard to say no or to give my opinion in discussions, because I thought that people will judge me or my opinion. Also I used to think about my look. In the city where I come from is very common to listen things such as “what people will think of you?” or “don’t do that, you look like a stupid”, and there were a huge culture of mocking and judging the others.

      |                             |
      | Everybody is staring at me! |

Eventually, I started doing things that encourage me to face those fears, no because I wanted to overcome my anxiety, it just happened. I started doing parkour which meant falling and failing in ways that would be considered silly, or ending up with my clothes dirty . Sometimes I thought “people will laugh at me if I fall”, or “they will think that I am a homeless”.

At some point in time I realized that actually people don’t care about you, they have their own problems. Also, I learned that if people judge you, the problem is not you, but them.

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