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Not make it a religion

Last week I saw the Netflix documentary “Minimalism: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS”. I was so mad just by listening what people were saying. Don’t get wrong, it has nothing to do with the topic.. actually I am kind of a minimalist, but it is a side effect.

Let me explain my point. I was mad because people made it look as it were a religion “I found happiness…”, “I was unhappy, I had many problems… my life was empty”. These kind of phrases make me get on my nerves. The message they are transmitting it that in order to be happy you must follow minimalism. Minimalism is the path for true happiness…

           |  why!  |
        ___| _______|
(҂⌣̀_⌣́)  ____|

I understand that for some people it is true, but it is true because they are honest with themselves. It is the same with yoga and veganism, just to mention few examples. I am pretty sure that there are people who follow those life styles just because “advertisement” says so. And these people are constantly trying to convince (lie) themselves in order to “achieve” that happiness. It is okay if you try it, and if you really think that it’s something you enjoy and you are being honest with you, then keep going.

I think that happiness is found once you are honest with you. Just be yourself, do what works for you, enjoy and keep the mind open.

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