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Emotions and communication

I was thinking about why it’s easier for me to “connect” with someone in person than using just text messages. I am not the best writer ever, but the problem is that I find really difficult to come up with a good message. By that I mean a message that can “connect” with the other person. Maybe the reason behind is that I cannot see other person reactions (emotional responses)..

          |                      |
          |  ehhh.. I don't      |
          |  know what to write  |
        __| _____________________|  
(≧д≦ヾ) ____|

I heard this phrase “people buy emotions and justify with logic” in some marketing conference. Maybe that’s the reason behind my poor text messaging skills. I am so used to react to the emotional responses in face to face meetings that the lack of that information limits my performance. I cannot make them buy my stuff since I don’t know to which emotion I should link my words to.

Maybe I should start doing my homework.

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